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  • Whomp Wednesday Ft. iLL Gates

ill.GATES is a bass droppin, educatin, oscillator modulatin space genius from the future.

DJing since age 13 ill.Gates has had a long and lavish career in the music business. Known for his epic collaborations with Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Mimosa and Opiuo he is no stranger to the top of the charts. With 4 studio albums under his belt and hoards of unreleased original music ill.GATES is known for unforgettable live sets peppered with improvised finger drumming and original visuals.

When he isn't traveling or rocking the studio ill.GATES is mentoring the next generation of producers over at his training camp Many up and comers credit ill.GATES with breaking them out of their shell and into the music business. Watch out for The Class of 808 on his new record label Producer Dojo.

You can catch ill.GATES slaying dance floors on five continents as well as on the interwebs over at


Born out of the smoke, fog, and low end serenity of Humboldt's redwood coast; SuDs has been making quite a name for himself within the bass music community with his signature form of squishy, hard hitting, and mind melting bass music. His hypnotically bass heavy style blends together glitchy textures, dirty saws, and massive subs with an immaculate array of polished organic samples that tap into a warped and psychedelic dimension of future sound that is not easily forgotten.


Born and raised in the northern half of California, Chops has been through many events and years behind the table! Creating music with RZL under the alias CRIPTIQ, ChopsJunkie brings a low end bass heavy vibe that still maintains a melodic glittering story in the highs. Chops has performed on the same stage with many acts including: NastyNasty, SMKSGNLS, Trevor Kelly, Yeti, G jones, Shlump, Amp Live & Dirty Monkey, and many other acts along with the years of festivals. Keep an ear out for many more stories to be told from this crew!

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