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  • Tourettes Without Regrets

A night of dirty haikus, rap battles, wild aerialists, burlesque, comedy and much more. The ultimate performance showcase that is as weird as it is riveting. You will not see as much madness anywhere else. - SF Weekly

The "best underground performance art show in America" 
comes to Humboldt for the FIRST TIME! 

Described as "one of the wildest and most creatively raw variety shows in the Bay Area" by SF Weekly, Tourettes features circus performers, stand up comedy, bizarre burlesque, absurd anthems, hard hitting lyricism, an open freestyle rap battle with a $100 prize, a dirty haiku bout, an open poetry slam with a cash prize judged by the audience and interactive mayhem, contests and MORE!

Hosted by NPR's "Performer of the Year" and HBO Def Jam Poet Jamie DeWolf who was born and raised in Humboldt, then moved to the Bay Area to begin his performance career. He's bringing up some of the biggest stars of the Tourettes show to rock his hometown!

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